Who is Noemi for?

A daily guide for overextended women

Calling all Wonder Women. Supermoms. A-type personalities who are doing it all, at their own expense, and are suffering mentally and physically, silently.

You know you have health issues, but don’t know what to do first. You’re on medications but not sure they’re helping, and how is taking pills for the rest of your life a solution? Maybe you’ve heard of, or even dabbled in gut health, clean eating, non-toxic beauty, mediation, and more, but just weren’t seeing results. You know something’s got to change, but frankly, don’t have time to fit more into your day.

If you are maxed out, don’t have time for more, and frankly skeptical anything outside of wine, drugs, or willful ignorance is going to help, Noemi is tailor-made for you.