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Each month, members get automatic access to Noemi’s monthly wellness workshops as part of their membership. And when you join us during beta, these workshops, as well as access to the Noemi app, are free.

These online monthly wellness workshops are practical guides for incorporating everyday wellness into your life and are focused on a single subject so we can go in-depth. We’ll have special guest instructors and hands-on workshops in a group setting so you can get the most out of your time.

Right now during beta, our exclusive VIP group is voting and deciding on which monthly workshops to do next. If you’d like to join the beta group and have your voice heard, join the group here.

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— Upcoming Events —

Navigating Clean in the Skincare Industry

11am PST / 12 PM MST / 1PM CST / 2PM EST

Greenwashing galore is happening right inside your bathroom. Come learn from the experts at MADEWITH — a clean beauty platform with the highest standards to date — as they share a presentation about:

— Why Clean Matters
— Where it gets confusing
—  Basics of Skincare
—  Why Education Matters

Join this ~30 min class with time at the end for group participation and questions.

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— Previous Events —

Workshop: Fat or inflamed?

9:30am PST / 11:30am CEN / 12:30am EST

In this zero-judgment workshop, we’ll explore how our body actually uses fat. We’ll dive into how big agriculture, the Rx cycle, and diet culture have confused us into thinking we’re fat when really we’re inflamed.

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