Navigating Clean in the Skincare Industry

Greenwashing galore is happening right inside your bathroom. Come learn from the experts at MadeWith, a clean beauty platform with the highest standards to date, as they share an eye-opening presentation covering:

• Why Clean Matters
• Where it gets confusing
• Basics of Skincare
• Why Education Matters

This is a 30 min class with time at the end for Q&A.

Presented by  MadeWith

Janis Leahy is the founder and CEO of MadeWith, a technology-driven skincare company. MadeWith aims to set the standard of clean in a very unregulated industry. Their clean skincare experts send brands through a stringent vetting process to confirm 1, the ingredients hit their clean standard, and 2, the product is effective and hits the claims it makes.

Only about 1% of products are clean and effective enough to get into their inventory. MadeWith also aims to simplify the overwhelming world of skincare by dedicating a skincare Mentor — a skincare professional who is empowered by MadeWith’s technology & education — to help clients find success faster.