Hi, I’m Shawna 👋️

A few years ago, I was kicking ass and taking names while building the business of my dreams. We were making money, winning awards, growing at a rapid pace — but my health was declining, and fast.

Signs & Symptoms

Inside I was miserable. It hurt to wear clothes. My hair was falling out in clumps. I suddenly gained 40 lbs. even though I only ate “healthy” foods. I couldn’t hold a pen or make a fist. It would take me several minutes to get out of a chair. My heart would palpitate, my breathing was strangled, and I was deeply depressed and exhausted from it all. I was in an out of ER’s, urgent care centers, specialist offices. I was given steroids and prescriptions and told it was all in my head, they could find nothing wrong with me. I was giving up hope.

Then, by the grace of the internet gods, I discovered a possible answer: I was experiencing autoimmune issues. I made the hardest decision of my life — I put my health first and sold my half of the business.

A New Life

I spent the last few years diving deep into the forefront of immunology and emerging health science, attending seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and conferences. Soon I found myself collecting certificates in the health and wellness space.

Now, I interview the world’s leading experts on my podcast and share all the latest findings. I speak at conferences and on panels. I coach and teach. I help A-Types uncover what’s ailing them and help them recover.

I’ve discovered that our gut is so much smarter than our brain. Our modern life is wreaking havoc on our bodies, and that burnout starts a long time before we ever start noticing.

The more I’ve talked to people about their health issues, online and offline, the more I realized that I had to do something at scale. Using my skills as a digital product designer and advertiser, I created Noemi.app to help more women heal.

Did you

That’s how you say Noemi and it’s also our mission; know yourself inside and out. It also means Beautiful. Gentle. That’s how we approach wellness around here. Not with a sledgehammer, but with ease and flow. You cannot heal a body you hate.

Begin by discovering your wellness type:

As a part of getting to know your personality type we can identify your level of burnout, and some background information to create a customized plan for you.